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You need to get access to the settings of a modem or WiFi-router via the IP-address and it is impossible to do. What can be done in such a situation?! To solve the problem of access to the configurator ADSL-modem, router, or optical terminal you can call a computer technical master, but you can do everything by yourself.

wireless router login page

What is a router?! In fact - it's a special mini-computer with its own operating system, which managed the device. It has two IP-address. The first - receives from the ISP - WAN. Second - assigned to the local interface LAN for admin login - or (it depends on the vendor). This C-Class's address belongs to the special reserved IP pool for network device setup. How to find router's IP address?!

Usually, on small and home office network routers, internal IP address marked on some labels, located on the back of device. Asus, Zyxel, TP-Link, Netgear, TTnet, Micromax and Linksys typically use

router lable tp-link wifi

Unlike other models from D-Link and Tenda use as login address. Look carefully on labels.

tenda case sticker

Chinese routers from ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi and the like can be used unusual exotic addresses,, etc.

How to access to router's homepage

If you need to access the WiFi-router's web-based setup page for configuring advanced settings, you must launch browser (Chrome, Edge,Opera or Firefox) and enter device default IP in address bar - e.g. You must enter this without "http://" or "www", like that:

how to enter

Press [Enter] on PC keyboard. If everything is correct, you will be asked for input the login and password for authorization. Ussualy, default login - admin, password - admin. You may find this at same sticker, as default ip. If you have set up a "User name" and "Password" for router before, enter your personalized credentials instead.

I can't connect What to do?!

Incorrect TCP/IP settings is a the most common cause of network device unavailability.
To check and change the computer's IP address in Windows, click the netword icon in system tray by right mouse button.

hown to Open Network and Sharing Center

In context menu choose the "Open Network and Sharing Center" item. Then the Network and Sharing Center opens - you must click on "Change adapter settings" at the right side of windows.

windows change adapter settings

Then the Network and Sharing Center opens - you must click on "Change adapter settings" at the right side. This will be same on the Windows 10, 8.1 and older version.
Right click on the local network adapter and select "Status":

Ethernet connetion properties

At the next windows press the "Detail" button and see at the field "IPv4 Default Gateway": defaut gateway windows

Default gateway is must the same as router's IP address. If there is an blank string, you must check Internet protocol settings.

In this case - right click on the local network adapter and select "Properties" item.
In the Ethernet-Properties (Local Area Connection) windows highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then click the Properties button.

setup manual

Now select the radio button "Use the following IP address" and enter in the correct IP that corresponds with your router's default network:

IP -
Subnet mask -
Default gateway -
Preferred DNS server -
Alternative DNS server - (Google DNS)

For Tenda and D-Link devices you must enter the followind values:

admin login password

IP -
Subnet mask -
Default gateway -
Preferred DNS server -
Alternative DNS server - (Google DNS)

When you’re finished click OK. Now close out the Properties Window.

Also you must be checked the "Internet Options" in Windows Control Panel. Choose a Connections tab and press "LAN Settings":

windows lan settinfs proxy set

At the next windows press see at the Proxy Sever section. The checkbox "Use a proxy server for you LAN" must be unchecked.

So what else can you do to log in router via!

You may try to switch over other LAN ports.

lan port change

Why it happens?! One or two lan port can be assigned fo interactive television (Set-Top-Box), and of course, Internet won't work on them.

Also, a bad Ethernet cable shows many of the same symptoms that other network hardware failures demonstrate. Any type of service disruption or slow performance can be result of faulty Ethernet cable.

bad network cable connector

Carefully inspect patch cord for damage. Pay attention to the rj-45 connectors - they should be well-occupied and not  wobble in place.

Common mistakes when entering the IP router in the browser:

- 192.168.l.l
- 192.168.01
- 192.168.0.l
- 192.168.11
- 192.168.1234

You can try to recover router's factory defaults. You need to press the reset  by needle or pin and hold it for 10-15 seconds.

reset router hard reset button

Warining! After hard reset, router will reboot with factory default setting, what does mean full setting up the internet connetion and WiFi network.



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